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 Joshua's Respiratory Care

Joshua's Respiratory Care Inc. was founded in 2003 as a full service provider of respiratory and durable medical equipment.  Don Boswell, founder and president, sought to fill a need in the care of respiratory patients.  With his son, Joshua, as his inspiration, he established Joshua's to be available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, because there are no vacations from providing care to our customers.  We are always looking for new equipment and services to improve our ability to serve the community.  We strive to serve with the utmost integrity and with the highest ethics while meeting the needs of those we serve.

Joshua's Story:


Our Inspiration


Our namesake, Joshua Boswell, was diagnosed with Duchene’s Muscular Dystrophy at 4 years old. After battling yet another case of pneumonia, doctors recommended that he be placed on a ventilator when he was 23. With much reluctance, Joshua agreed. He underwent a tracheotomy and began using a ventilator at the hospital. Joshua now had to rely on the vigilance of others for his most basic life function and, needless to say, this caused much anxiety for him and for his family.


During Joshua’s first night home, the ventilator malfunctioned. We began desperately dialing the telephone numbers listed on the machine, trying to get someone to help us. Instead, we heard recording after recording telling us that a representative would call us back within 24 hours. At that moment, we were manually pumping an Ambu bag so that Joshua could breathe. Waiting 24 hours was not an option. We were forced to call an ambulance and put Joshua through the ordeal of being hauled back to the emergency room. We said, “Not again.” No parent should get a recording when the life or death of their child hangs in the balance.


At Joshua’s insistence, we have built a respiratory care company that not only answers the phone 24 hours a day, but it treats every customer like we would want Joshua to be treated. We strive to give families the help they deserve when they need it most. We understand the importance of educating our customers and their families and providing assistance in their times of need because we have been there ourselves. We know how difficult it can be to care for a loved one and we do our utmost to make things a little easier for families like ours.


In March of 2010, we lost Joshua. But the loss has only strengthened our resolve to carry on his legacy by providing exceptional care in his name. And we do so by treating you like more than just a customer. To us, you are family.


- Don & Jan Boswell

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